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                1. News

                  Revitalize 2021 - Convention & AGM

                  revitalize agm convension 2021 pc party sk rex murphy

                  The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan is pleased to announce it’s Convention and Annual General Meeting for November 5,6,&7, 2021

                  Revitalize 2021 will be a historic weekend for our Party as it will build momentum for our Policy Convention in the spring of 2022 to be held in Saskatoon, provide positive energy for candidates working at the constituency level hoping to secure early nominations and provide Leadership hopefuls with grassroots engagement with the membership which we all know is crucial.

                  As you will note once you open the attachment The Saturday Night Banquet will be one of the highlights of this weekend and will be a uniting event for Conservative minded people.

                  agm convension 2021 pc party sk rex murphy

                  Over the coming days and weeks you will be receiving emails and regular mail in regards to the Convention and the Annual General Meeting. The Notice of the Annual General Meeting is required to be sent to you by regular mail, however, as a cost saving measure if you take the time to reply by email waiving your personal need to receive the Notice in that fashion it will save money. If the Party Provincial Office does not receive that waiver you will receive the Notice by regular mail.

                  pdfOpen Revitalize 2021 - Convention & AGM

                  Please feel free to contact The Provincial Office by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by phone or text at 306 621 1472 if you require more information or clarity, or feel free to contact Rick Cline, Convention Chairperson by text at 780 876 7641 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                  What the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan stands for:

                  • A Heritage of freedom based on individual initiative, honour, integrity and moral responsibility.
                  • Equal Rights under the law for all without discrimination.
                  • Government as the servant, not the master.
                  • Social progress based on the needs of people, not as a means to power.

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